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Air Treatment Units Festo OU Series FRL
Air Treatment Units Festo » OU Series FRL

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OU Series FRL

Air Treatment Units Festo

The OU series of Festo type Air treatment units usually consist of OFR(Filter and Pressure Regulator),OL(lubrication), each of them can be used and purchased separately. Regarding the OFR,the Filter is used for filtering the dirt and some particles,then after the filtration,the air will be clean and dry. And there are usually different levels of filtration,such as the precision can be 40 micron,5 micron and so on. Meanwhile,the regulator is used for regulating the pressure of air source. As for OL(lubrication),it plays an important role in promoting the equipment works more smoothly and stably.

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Air Treatment Units FestoDetails

Medium Compressed air
Features of structure Sintered filter with water separator;MINI/MIDI:Diaphragm type regulator;MAXI:Piston regulator;Direct constant-density lubricator
Mounting type Pipe mounting or foot mounting
Assembly position Vertical ±5°
Connection G1/8 G1/4 G3/8 G3/8 G1/2 G3/4 G3/4 G1
Standard nominal flow rate OFR-...(-A) 700 1000 1200 2000 2600 2600 7000 8000
OFR-...-7-(-A) 800 1300 1500 2500 2800 2800 8500 8700
OFR-...-5M-(-A) 600 850 1050 1700 1800 2100 6500 7200
Primary pressure Manual condensate drain 1~16bar
Automatic condensate drain 1.5~12bar
Working pressure 0.5~12bar / 0.5~7bar
Min. Standard nominal flow rate 3 l/min 6 l/min 10 l/min
Grade of filtration 40μm / 5μm
Capacity of condensate fluid 22ml 43ml 80ml
Temperature range 0~60℃
Materials information Housing:Zinc die-casting;Filter bowl and oil bowl:PC;
Metal bowl guard:Aluminium alloy;Sealing:NBR;Adjusting knob:POM
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